Top Five Candidates to Replace Dave Gettleman as GM of the NY Giants

We're entering week five of the 2020 NFL season, and the Giants, three years into Dave Gettleman's master plan, are 0-4 and other than an improving defense, show no signs of life or a team that's getting better each week.

It's too early and unfair to put a grade on Joe Judge, but Dave Gettleman's time is up. He has had three years to tear down and build this NY Giant roster, but his cumulative record, to date, is 9-27. That is unacceptable and downright embarrassing.

As we said, it's time to move on.

Here are our top five candidates (in no order) that the Giants should interview and pair with Joe Judge.

1. Nick Caserio - Director of Player Personnel for the New England Patriots

Nick Caserio
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Nick Caserio currently serves as the Director of Player Personnel for the New England Patriots, a position he has held since 2008. Before serving in that position, Caserio was actually on the Patriots coaching staff, serving as the offensive coaching assistant in 2002, and the wide receivers coach in 2007 when Tom Brady threw for 50 touchdown passes. Impressive.

This hire makes too much sense. Caserio has been viewed by NFL many clubs as the future hall of famer, Bill Belichick's right-hand man, and has been with the Patriots franchise since 2001, serving in a variety of roles. He is experienced and versed in building a winning roster. If you need more proof, read this quote from Bill Belichick:

"Nick helps in a lot of ways," Belichick said. "He has a lot of experience. I'm sure he does much more than any other personnel person in the league because of his coaching responsibilities. … He's an asset in a lot of ways."

The most crucial factor here is that NY Giants' head coach, Joe Judge, and Nick Caserio have worked together in New England for many years. Judge was with the Patriots from 2012-2019, so he and Caserio have worked with each other for eight years and must value roster-building philosophies similarly.

Caserio is 44 years old and has no connection to the Giants franchise in any way, shape, or form. This is what the Giants need, a young, but experienced, personnel executive who is an out-of-the-box hire and not a safe, comfortable hire.

2. Ed Dodds - Assistant General Manager for the Indianapolis Colts

Ed Dodds
The Athletic

Ed Dodds has been a name that has emerged as a serious GM candidate for teams looking to fill the position in the past few years. Dodds has been selective about where he ends up because he is strategic and doesn't want to go to an unstable franchise and wind up being run out of town. He's smart like that. Most recently, Dodds declined the Cleveland Browns GM interview in January.

Dodds is a young guy with a bright NFL mind. First serving in Seattle's front office, Chris Ballard poached Dodds from Seattle because he saw a bright, young star that could add incredible value to Indy's front office.

Well, he has. in 2018, the Indianapolis Colts held the number three overall pick in the draft, but rather than just stay put and get one great player, Dodds was a massive advocate of trading back and acquiring more picks, and that is exactly what they did. The Colts traded the number three overall pick to the NY Jets for the sixth overall pick and two second-rounders (one in 2019). The Colts were still able to get Quenton Nelson and Darius Leonard in 2018, and Rock Ya-Sin in 2019.

This is the kind of thinking that the Giants' front office needs, and Ed Dodds can help bring that. He should be a highly-valued candidate for the Giants and be seriously considered.

3. Omar Khan - VP of Football & Business Administration for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Omar Khan
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Omar Khan is a name that Giants fan should get ready to hear. Omar is one of the brightest minds in football and has been a part of two super bowl winning teams, both with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Omar has an extensive front office background, beginning with the New Orleans Saints in 1997 and has now been with the Steelers since 2001.

Since he joined the Steelers in 2001, alongside the Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert, they have drafted, signed, and extended 27 prow bowl players. Something that the Giants have had issues with throughout their past is not only seeking talent but developing talent.

Omar seems like he is very strategic in his approach to building a winning NFL roster, and he has undoubtedly been able to learn from one of the best in the business in Colbert. If the Giants opt to go an unconventional route, which they should, Khan would be a great choice at only 43 years old and someone who has no preexisting ties to the organization.

4. Daniel Jeremiah - Analyst for the NFL Network & Writer with

Daniel Jeremiah
Image: Zach Goins

For so long, the Giants had gone with traditional hires, like former scouts, guys who had worked within the front office before, or just promoted existing executives. While that philosophy might have worked years ago or for different clubs, it hasn't worked for the Giants, and it's time for a change.

Daniel Jeremiah presents an exciting scenario where he could serve as an excellent fit for the NY Giants general manager position. Currently, Daniel is an analyst for the NFL Network and a writer for During their last GM vacancy, the Giants interviewed Louis Riddick, who also serves as an analyst on ESPN, but ended up going with the safer hire in Dave Gettleman. The Giants should think harder about bringing an analyst from TV into their front office this time around. Look what guys like Mike Mayock and John Lynch have done for their teams in one to two years.

At 42 years young, Daniel would bring modern views, technology, and philosophies with him. Daniel also played quarterback at Northeastern Lousiana in 1997 and Appalachian State from 1998 to 2000. While not for a long time, you need to know a thing or two to play the position at all. So, that expertise could help evaluate the Giants' current quarterback in Daniel Jones. Surprisingly enough, Daniel selected Daniel Jones to the Giants in his mock draft for the 2019 NFL draft. He had this to say as to why he made that selection:

"I've heard they like Daniel Jones. I just know when you watch Jones play and the things he does, I think he can play an efficient game, a team that's going to build around his defense going forward. I think you'll see that with the Giants."

You have to think that based on the success TV analysts have had in transitioning to the general manager position, his comments on Daniel Jones and his youth make him a serious, viable option for the Giants general manager position.

5. Kevin Abrams - VP of Football Operations & Assistant GM of the NY Giants

Kevin Abrams
Paul Schwartz - NY Post

While this is the most boring and traditional of the bunch, it's unfair and unrealistic not to think that the NY Giants, the team we all love and support, will not consider this an option. It contradicts all that we have said and pointed out, but Kevin will get an interview and should be given a fair shot, because being that he was buried underneath the failures of his superiors, he hasn't been given the proper chance of running the show.

So, who is Kevin Abrams? Good question.

Kevin has been with the Giants since 1999, starting off as a salary cap analyst, eventually making his way to serve as the assistant general manager. Abrams has worked under general manager Ernie Accorsi, Jerry Reese, and now Dave Gettleman. In 2017, after Jerry Reese was fired, Kevin served as the interim general manager and interviewed for the vacant general manager position. He was beaten out by Gettleman and went back to serving as assistant GM.

Kevin is known for his forward-thinking approach and desire to become a more modern franchise throughout the building. As previously stated, Kevin hasn't truly expressed his vision because he has worked under guys with a very old-school approach, such as Gettleman.

This hire of Abrams would definitely not be our first choice, but if it happens, it's one that Giants fans will have to trust and embrace.

Who knows? Maybe Kevin is the next George Young in the making!

So, what are your thoughts? Who seems like the best fit for the Giants?

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