The Giants Should Commit to Daniel Jones & Take Penei Sewell in the 2021 NFL Draft

We're entering week five of the 2020 NFL season, and here we are, already talking about who the Giants should take in the 2021 NFL Draft.

As the Giants begin their season at 0-4, there are many reasons as to why that is. With a shortened offseason, new coaching staff, second-year quarterback, and rookie left tackle, Giants fans anticipated somewhat of a shaky year. 0-4? Probably not, but this team is still not ready to compete for a championship.

Has Daniel Jones been perfect this season? No, definitely not. Has he cost them some games? One could argue that. But is it all his fault? Of course not.

The Giants still, after three years that Dave Gettleman promised to fix it, have offensive line issues. Just how bad, you ask? Well, they are currently ranking 32nd in the league for run blocking and 27th for pass blocking.

That's awful.

So, the poor offensive line play is definitely a reason why Daniel Jones has had a slow start to his sophomore year.

With all things considered, I don't believe that the Giants will end up with the number one overall pick in the draft, but if they do, Trevor Lawrence might be too good to pass up. But, if it's anything other than number one overall, Gettleman (hopefully not) or not, you should commit to Daniel Jones, and the pick, in our eyes, is relatively simple.

Without a doubt, the Giants should select Penei Sewell, the 19-year-old offensive tackle out of Oregon, with their top pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

If you don't know who Penei Sewell is, here's what you need to know:

Penei Sewell
Image Credit: James Crepea | The Oregonian/OregonLive

1. He's Massive

Sewell is a large dude. At 19 years young, he stands at 6'6" and weighs 330 pounds. The scarier part? He's incredibly athletic. Being that he is still so young, he will only get better the older he gets and the more he matures in his massive frame. In the run game, Sewell uses his incredible size to come off the ball as a drive blocker, and he creates huge holes for whoever is running behind him. Sounds like Saquon would enjoy his company! And in the passing game, his length is definitely something he takes advantage of. As of now, his upper body seems to be stronger than his lower body, and it certainly helps him in his pass protection. This guy will make Daniel Jones a lot more comfortable in the pocket.

Penei Sewell
Image Credit: 24/7 Sports

2. He's A Pure Left Tackle

After quarterback, the most challenging position to play in the NFL is left tackle. Why? The left tackle is on an island by themselves trying to block the games best pass rushers and protect their quarterback's blindside. It's no easy task, and more lineman out of college will fail at left tackle than succeed. The Giants did take Andrew Thomas with the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft, and through the first four games, he has struggled but definitely shown promise. He probably should have started off at right tackle and the following season transitioned to left tackle, but Nate Solder opting out didn't permit that to happen. Meanwhile, Penei Sewell is a pure left tackle, meaning it's what he started in college and succeeded at. It's his natural position, and that's what the Giants desperately need, a true left tackle who is dominant in both aspects of the game, running and passing, and will be someone that they don't need to worry about for the next 15 years.

Penei Sewell
Image Credit: Sean Meagher/Staff

3. He's A Natural Leader

Sewell is loved by his teammates! During pregame warmups, you can find him hyping up the team and ensuring everyone is ready to play hard and for sixty minutes. The Giants have leaders on their team, but the leaders they have don't necessarily amp guys up or make them want to hit some for sixty minutes. And the lack of that kind of leadership shows up on Sundays. A guy like Sewell, who puts his money where his mouth is, hypes all of his teammates up and then plays like a relentless animal for 60 minutes. That is something the Giants need desperately, and Sewell could bring just that to the team.

Penei Sewell is too good to pass up. He is not like every other offensive tackle prospect we see come out each year; he's a once every ten years kind of prospect. The Giants desperately need to fix their offensive line if they want Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley to succeed, and Penei Sewell can help do that. Imagining an offensive line with Penei Sewell at left tackle and Andrew Thomas at right tackle for the next ten to 15 years is, well, exciting.

What do you think? Should the Giants draft Penei Sewell in the 2021 NFL Draft if they can?

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