The Giants Need A Win More Than Ever

The Giants are at a point in their season where a win is more important than ever. At 0-5, a lot of the players on their roster are beginning to look and sound defeated. Their rookie head coach, Joe Judge, has stayed positive amidst all of the losing, but he himself can benefit greatly from his first win as a head coach.

Even though the Giants have looked relatively competitive throughout their first five games, they've fallen short to each opponent and currently sit at 0-5. For the first time this season, the Giants are favored at home verse the Washington Football Team.

If the Giants lose this game at home and fall to 0-6, it will be the first time since 2013 that the Giants have started a season 0-6, but this team it will spark a lot ugliness, questions, and necessary change.

Here's what we predict will happen if the Giants fall to 0-6 on Sunday:

Dave Gettleman Will Be Fired on Monday Morning

Dave Gettleman
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The Giants, maybe other than the Pittsburgh Steelers, are probably the most patient franchises in professional football. However, that doesn't mean that they won't pull the plug if they don't see progress. Not that 1-5 is a way to start your season, but it's better than 0-6 and saves Gettleman at least one more game. But, if the Giants lose to Washington at home on Sunday and fall to 0-6, Gettleman will more than likely be told to begin packing his things and be officially fired on Monday morning. 0-6 is ugly, embarrassing, and a culture killer, something Gettleman swore he'd restore.

With a loss on Sunday, that'll push Gettleman's three year Giants record to 9-29. That is simply unacceptable, and somebody must make changes.

Upon the firing of Gettleman, the Giants should promote Kevin Abrams, the assistant general manager, to interim general manager and allow him to lead somewhat of a fire sale before the November 3rd trade deadline. At 0-6, nobody is safe, and the Giants should look to acquire more picks for the upcoming draft so that the next general manager has more than five picks to work with.

If you haven't yet, check out our top five candidates for the next Giants general manager.

Daniel Jones Will Be On The Hot Seat

Daniel Jones & Dwayne Haskins
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By no means is this season Daniel Jones' fault, but he certainly deserves his fair share of the blame, and unfortunately, with losing comes a lot of questions about personnel futures. If the Giants lose on Sunday, Daniel Jones will have something to do with that. If and when he plays well, they win. Look at his first start in Tampa Bay; he took the game into his own hands and scored the game-winning touchdown. Since that debut, we haven't seen that clutch style of play, but it's not all on him again.

This Sunday, the Giants offense should come out firing. This week, the Giants promoted Austin Mack, UDFA wide receiver out of Ohio State, to the active roster and waived Damion Ratley. Let's see what the rook can do! Other than Washington's front seven, their defense is not great. They are poor in coverage and don't have the defensive backs to limit big plays. But, the Giants offense has also failed to take shots downfield and score points. It's been four weeks since Daniel Jones has thrown a touchdown, and to quiet the noise around him, that must change this Sunday. Get Engram and Slayton involved early, get points on the board, and boost Daniel's confidence again. We've seen him have five touchdown games; bring that Daniel back!

If the Giants fall short and Daniel has a poor game with no touchdowns and turnovers, whether it be an interception or fumble, the noise around him will get louder and louder, and the heat will be turned up from under him.

Paul Schwartz, of the NY Post, explains why "Daniel Jones has never needed a win this badly."

Since the Giants are in the race for the number one overall pick and that a new general manager is more than likely, he can't afford to have any more bad games and allow the Giants to question taking QB Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson.

Go out there and ball out, Daniel.

Players Will Be Traded

Golden Tate
AP Photo/Vera Nieuwenhuis

At 0-6, as we said earlier, nobody is safe. If the Giants lose on Sunday and Gettleman is fired, the Giants will look to trade some players and acquire as many picks as possible for the next general manager to use.

Some trade candidates will be Golden Tate, Evan Engram, Jabrill Peppers, Sterling Shepard, and Dalvin Tomlinson. This is not saying they should be traded, but our predictions are the most likely candidates on the trade block.

Engram, Peppers, and Tomlinson are entering into a contract offseason, and it makes them even more expendable because the Giants may not want to give them long-term contracts.

The most realistic candidate is Golden Tate. At 32 years old, he's definitely towards the end of his playing career and has not done anything to help this season's Giants offense. A team that makes sense is the New England Patriots. The Giants could get out of his contract, and they won't owe him any guaranteed money because of what happened with his suspension last season.

If the Giants could move Golden Tate and get back a fifth-round pick, that's a success. Don't forget, the Giants found Darius Slayton in the fifth round, so there is talent to be found! Moving Tate will also allow the Giants to see what they have in guys like Binjimen Victor, Alex Bachman, and David Sills.

As you can see the Giants desperately need a win on Sunday to boost the morale and confidence of this team. Who knows? Maybe one win can spark some momentum and allow them to go on a winning streak!

What do you think? Come Sunday, to the Giants go 1-5 or 0-6?

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