Is Daniel Jones The Guy?

Here we are, early October, and the ugly question that no Giants fans anticipated having to ask so early, is Daniel Jones the guy?

For 16 years, we were so blessed with Eli Manning, but it was time to move on, and even though there were a few hiccups, it was a smooth passing of the baton.

When Daniel Jones took over for Eli Manning in week three of the 2019-2020 season, Giants fans were excited! And to be fair, they had every right to be. 16 years is a long time, and the Giants needed a spark to give them some form of life.

Well, it worked. Daniel Jones won his first and second start, but his personal record, including those two games, is currently 3-13 as the NY Giants starter.

We all (Giants fans) knew this season would be interesting, to say the least. New coaching staff, minimal off-season, young roster, knew this team would not be competing for a playoff spot, but 0-4? That was never what we anticipated. And the most concerning part of it all, Daniel Jones looks as if he has regressed so far.

Daniel Jones is 0-4 in his sophomore year start, has thrown for 889 yards, has thrown for two touchdowns, has seven turnovers (5 interceptions & 2 fumbles), and is the leading rusher with 137 yards.

Let me put it to you this way, those are pathetic numbers. At this pace, if he plays all 16 games, he'll finish the season with 3,556 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 28 turnovers.

Those are what you call loser numbers.

But, this is by no means all on Daniel Jones.

The offensive line, although getting better each week, is subpar. The skill players generate little to no separation. Jason Garret's play-calling is equivalent to what a high school coach would call. And that leaves Daniel Jones with only a few options: get sacked, force a throw, or run for his life.

He has been running for his life, so he also currently leads the team in rushing with 137 yards.

However, being that Daniel Jones was the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft, he is expected to elevate those around him and win some games.

Currently, he looks as if he's playing scared, with little to no confidence, and with no trust in anyone in front or around him. That is how you lose your job.

The good thing for Daniel is that he has 12 games left to prove he's the guy, or prove that he isn't.

As of right now, the Giants hold the number one overall pick if the season ended today. I think they'll end up with a top-five pick and not the number one, but if there's a new GM in town (which is likely), he may want a new guy if Daniel can't elevate his game over these next 12 games.

Go prove everyone wrong, Daniel.

What do you think? Is Daniel Jones the guy?

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