2021 NFL Mock Draft: 1.0

I didn't think that I would already be thinking about the draft in October, but here we are.

With the Giants currently sitting at 0-5, we're likely headed for another top-five pick.

Based on the current Vegas odds and no trades, my mock draft tool had the Giants picking at number six overall, which means we're sticking with Daniel Jones.

Here is my first seven-round mock draft:

1. Gregory Rousseau - EDGE for the University of Miami

Image Credit: Mark Brown/Getty Images

Who I wanted, Penei Sewell was not available at six, so I took the best player available and filled a massive need on the Giants roster as well. Gregory Rousseau is an absolute beast. At 6'5", 260 pounds, he has ideal size and length, still with room to add more bulk to his frame.

The Giants have not had a dominant pass rusher since JPP, and it's a glaring need on this defense. They can't go much longer without addressing it because opposing quarterbacks will have too much time to find open receivers.

According to PFF.com, Rousseau's pro comparisons are Dee Ford, Chandler Jones, Dante Fowler, & Trey Flowers.

Rousseau would bring much-needed athleticism, quickness, and toughness to this Giants defense. For sure, Patrick Graham would be able to do more on defense with an intense pass rush.

2. Josh Myers - Center for The Ohio State University

Image Credit: G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

The Giants thought Nick Gates could be their long-term answer at center, but it hasn't looked like it's working so far. How much longer can they neglect important positions on this roster? If they're going to build this team and offense around Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, the offensive line must be built up.

Unfortunately, in his three years so far as general manager, Dave Gettleman has not been able to do that.

Myers is a projected late first or early second-rounder. Being that there are months until the draft, things will change. But in this mock draft, I was able to get Myers in the second round. Myers would bring a much-needed toughness and athleticism to the Giants offensive line.

According to many scouts, Meyers doesn't do many things wrong. He performs excellently on combo blocks, is a mauler in the run game, and is a reliable pass protector. He was also a critical part of why Justin Fields had a highly successful first year at Ohio State. The only knock on Meyers is that he had two stud offensive guards next to him, which helped his play improve. But shouldn't that be how offensive line units work?

If the Giants do take Myers in the second round, we could be looking at this potential offensive line:

LT: Andrew Thomas

LG: Wil Hernandez

C: Josh Myers

RG: Shane Lemieux (I am expecting the Giants to trade or cut Zeitler)

RT: Matt Peart

You're also hoping to see an improvement in Andrew Thomas's play in year two, and that one year of watching from the sidelines allowed Matt Peart to get better. With all of these guys improving and the addition of a center like Josh Myers, this offensive line could turn into what Gettleman envisioned from day one.

3. Amari Rodgers - WR for Clemson

Image Credit: Mark Wallheiser - AP

This was an interesting pick for me because I wanted to hold off a few more rounds before I took a wide receiver, but I felt like passing on this kid would be a mistake due to his versatility and how he could fit Jason Garrett's offense.

Amari Rodgers is not big by any means and generally plays the slot position, but with the Giants more than likely going to cut or trade Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard, who misses at least three to six games per year with injuries, adding a reliable slot receiver will be a need this offseason.

Rodgers is best described as a quick-twitch slot receiver because of incredible quickness. While Daniel Jones likes to push the ball downfield, he also enjoys having a receiver with reliable hands and someone who can be a big-play threat. Rodgers has the ability to take screens to the house and could be used like the 49ers utilize Deebo Samuel in the running game.

Drafting a slot receiver like Rodgers could help Darius Slayton and Saquon Barkley too. With defenses having to respect the middle of the field for Rodgers and then having to worry about Slayton's deep ball while still remembering Saquon Barkley is somewhere on the field, all of these guys could help each other succeed and leave Daniel Jones with a plethora of options.

This pick for me will probably change for me over the next few months, but with where I was picking in the third round and a need on offense, I felt that this was a solid pick.

4. Ambry Thomas - CB for the University of Michigan

Image Credit: Mike Mulholland | MLive.com

When I was picking here and saw Ambry Thomas available, it was a no-brainer for me. The Giants, ever since Deandre Baker got into legal trouble and forced the Giants to cut him, has been a glaring need on this team. The signing of Logan Ryan was great, but so far, the Giants have liked to use him either in the slot or at safety. Darnay Holmes has also played well, but he's even more of a slot corner and a bit undersized to play the outside.

Ambry is not the biggest corner, but he is a tough, physical corner. He has many attributes that make him a quality cornerback, but probably his greatest strength is when he plays in press coverage. He has fluid hips that can make him be a dangerous outside cornerback, and if he ends up trailing his receiver, he has all the skills to play the ball and disrupt the play.

The Giants need a true number two cornerback to play opposite of James Bradberry, and Thomas could fill a much-needed hole from day one.

5. No Fifth Round Pick

6. Rakeem Boyd - RB for the University of Arkansas

Image Credit: Nexstar Inc.

With Saquon Barkley coming back from an ACL injury and all of his backups Devonta Freeman, Wayne Gallman, and Dion Lewis's contracts up, the Giants will need to decide how they intend to fill the backup role for Saquon Barkley. The Giants will probably let all three of these guys walk and look to address this need in the draft.

I believe you can find a quality running back, mostly a backup, in the later rounds, so I waited until the sixth round to grab one. I was excited when I saw Rakeem Boyd still available, so I snagged him.

Boyd has shown the ability to be an all-around running back, meaning he's a strong runner, solid in the passing game, and fair in pass protection. He is also scheme versatile, precisely what the Giants love. The Giants will need that kind of back to backup Saquon, especially now that he is returning from a significant injury.

Boyd will be a project and someone who will get better with more NFL game experience, but he could be a sold backup for Saquon Barkley when he comes back.

7. Jamal Pettigrew - TE for LSU

Image Credit: Hilary Scheinuk

With Evan Engram's future with the Giants unknown, the Giants will add a tight end in free agency or the draft, but it's probably smarter if they do it through the draft.

I knew I wasn't getting a day one starter with my seventh-round pick, but someone who could contribute on special teams and be in on specific sets and packages.

I selected Jamal Pettigrew, the tight end who originally played for LSU but then transferred to McNeese State University.

Pettigrew is a big man, standing at 6'7", and is somewhat lean at 254 pounds. He tore his ACL in 2018 but has since recovered nicely, and he could be a friendly red-zone target for Daniel Jones in specific packages. And we know that Jason Garrett loves his tight-ends, just not Evan Engram for some reason!

Who knows what happens with Evan Engram, but if they resign him, a tight-end room full of Evan Engram, Kaden Smith, and Jamal Pettigrew could be a solid room that all brings different strengths to the table.

Like I said earlier, this mock draft is very early in the season and is based on the Giants ending up with the sixth overall pick. Things will change, needs will become more apparent, but with where the Giants are currently at, I liked this draft.

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